Graduate Dissertation

We have been publishing different articles about writing a dissertation. Primarily they all involve writing a paper for undergraduate courses. However, you can also apply them to any types of research articles according to your preference. Now what is a graduate dissertation? Graduate courses are those high level college courses that involve masters or PhD level of learning. In this aspect, you need to do well in research and writing the results. But you should not worry because you already know the same procedures that involves writing a graduate dissertation paper.

Let us start with the topic. When choosing a topic for your research article, it is important that you have an idea what you will be writing. This should be familiar to you so that you can sustain your motivation to compose a good paper. In most cases, students do not really know how to handle topic selection. Therefore, here are some more tips for you. Make sure that there are enough resource materials for our topic. It is also a good thing that you have a feasible subject. Lastly, measure the true importance of the topic. This will give value to your dissertation.

Once you have established your topic of interest, the next thing to do is to establish your research proposal. The proposal of the research paper will become the guide for you to compose the different research paper parts. It must contain the same chapters of a normal dissertation. Therefore, you need parts form abstract to conclusion. What will be its contents? Since this is a plan for writing, you should simply include your overall goal. You can describe how you will do the research, what analysis methods you will use or what assumptions of results you will gain.

Next, gather as many resource materials as you can. Make sure that you will only use credible ones that come from different sources. You may use newspapers, articles from the internet , published journals or even other research papers. When using any parts of other papers, make sure that you will cite the same article. This will let you avoid plagiarism offenses in the future. Moreover, you will be able to establish your credibility as a writer.

Now, you are ready to write the parts of the graduate dissertation. You need to include the abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, data and analysis, discussion of results and then the conclusion. You can write a page per chapter. Of course, you have to proofread each of the research paper part. Eliminating grammar and spelling mistakes is the core concept behind proofreading.

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